Wow. Nine hours into this blog, and I got me my first follower.

Trainer Trish! You’re following me! You’re the first!
Check out the dog training blog, oh and a whole lot more.



It’s actually quite extensive. It includes a “Don’t jump on people’ class, something that even some politicians might benefit from, and it lets you know about “Zeutering” which doesn’t make me cringe nearly as much as neutering. It’s actually a huge site.

Trainer Trish says,

“Dogs need to be taught how to live in our human world. It’s only fair, only right. We owe it to them to give them the tools to be successful and be able to have peacefulness in their lives with us.”

Amen, sister. But we humans should also be taught how to live a little more in the dog world. There’d be a heck of a lot more forgiveness, love and way more awkward social sniffing.

My sister also runs a dog training business. My dear friend is in dog rescue. Dogs simply make the world a better place.

I also got “liked” by two new people-

Pixel for All.

An amateur photographer invites us to appreciate the beauty of life through his eyes. I like the bucolic scenes and seascapes best of all.


Thanks for the view, Pixel for All!

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