I got a like today from a blog that for wit, interest and darn good writing, I’m gonna follow.



It’s about life in South Africa, which I guess is like New Jersey, except it’s in Africa, and has a completely different culture and history, and they talk funny.

23 Thorns is a great writer.

“Wow! I hadn’t even realised it, but when I sat down to write this post, I realised that I haven’t posted anything for seven years. Sorry! I would have posted more often, but I set out to explore the Amazon on a unicycle, and a capybara ate my keyboard.”

Note how he spells “realised” like a rugby player.

As a blogger, I am unfit to unzip 23Thorn’s laptop case, but you all ought to check him out. He gets a rousing  “follow” from me.


One thought on “For a blue click, won’t you sell me all the colors of your blog?

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