Thank you so much for liking my post, Philipina (is that the right designation?) Princess-


The blog is so sweet, so lovely that it hurts my heart

Thank you for including Pearl Buck as one of the writers of a book you are most grateful for! What do you think of Madeline L’Engle?

Monica’s sweetness has won her about 3,000 followers. I have a daughter your age, Monica who is on the other side of the world. It’s nice to know that lovely souls like the two of you are starting to make the world a prettier, more literate place.

Speaking of the other side of the world,

Usman Hashmi, is that where you are, Hyderabad?  My daughter that I mentioned above is studying in Hyderabad. The photographs show a lovely city. Your article on global warming scared the heck out of me. What a prolific journalist! It’s almost as if you’re producing a whole world newspaper singlehandedly…


… while studying engineering? It says you are a supporter of Supporter Of  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Do you also play cricket?

OK folks, seriously, in two days, Usman has …

Written an automotive article

Written a tech article

Written a business article

Written an environmental article…

and the day before, he wrote a historical article.

One question- Do you sleep? Odd question to ask at 1:04 AM.



5 thoughts on “Two prolific writers: The Princess and the Software Engineer.

  1. i don,t have words to say about it but iam gonaa say bcoz you made me di it..yes i sleep at late night after doing my work ..and wake up early and pray 5 times and studying hard so i can be like my brother who is an engineer in oman,muscat NFS Transmission Engineer in Ericssion Comapny..i Think iam a gifted child bcoz when i write god was the only one who is helping me to write the best thing and i always get success in it.and other yes iam a supporte of pakistan tehreek.e.isnaf and worked in it as distt.hyd head of social media..imran khan is the great person i have ever met..may god bless him and all of us becoz has wants changed in pakistan…Thanks a lots dear i hope this is good for you..your Friend
    Usman Hashmi

    • My friend, it is so good that you have this discipline. Praying five times a day is like the tiny gear in a giant clock. It turns one gear in our life. That turns bigger gears that turn larger ones eventually spin the hands of humanity toward goodness and light.

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