So at first on this long blogging road I thought, “Oh great. A pool company.”


Then I wondered, “Why would a pool company be looking at my blog? For ads??”

No, I mean yes and no.

First of all, how would ads make sense? Word Press is worldwide. I guess this company is too, but there’s gotta be something more here.


So I took a closer look and learned yet another lesson on the blogosphere.
Professional Swimming Pools are servicing, maintaining and consultants to London’s Swimming Pool Owners.

Yeah, sure it’s about pools. Pretty great pools, actually if you like pools.

I have a swimming hole, so they’re not my thing, but certainly looks like excellent craftspersonship.

But the blog isn’t just about pools.

Ever work at a place and find out that in that back room, at lunchtime, after hours, you’re actually working with people who are deep, interesting and have a rich inner life?

When I went behind the curtain of this pool company, I saw the richness of the blog. It talks of Britain, comorants and viking festivals, and swimming pools… heather and crocus and lillies of the field, springtime in England, and Christmas in March,  bucketlists and…. swimming pools.

The goal of the blogger is to blog 365 times in a single year. Nine months to go. Check in with them and encourage them.

The blog combines work and pleasure. Nothing wrong with that.

If it’s true you can see the universe in a grain of sand, it’s equally true that you can get truth and beauty(especially the beauty of sea slugs) and wisdom from the blog of an installer of swimming pools.

Wasn’t Jesus, that walker on water, a carpenter after all?


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