So I have discovered a new form of life in distant Russia. It’s called the “bzebza”. I love things that are fun to say. It’s part of my training as a linguist to think, “Oh, voiced bilabial stop followed by a voiced post alveo-dental fricative, add a mid front vowel and repeat with a low mid vowel.” And like that sort of stuff.


The bzebza looks like a rock painted with an American flag (cause actually, that’s what it is!) But the beauty of this blog is the photographs that give us a glimpse into the bucolic world of rural Russia. From watching movies and reading Russian authors, this is supposed to be bleak, depressing land, but through bzebza’s eyes, it is anything but!


But the blog also features some great stories, which remind me of Silvio Rodriguez’s lyrics meets Eduardo Galeano. There’s definitely a Latin American feel to the stories.

“Oh, resident of Terra! Have you ever thought that waking up in the morning, drinking coffee and kissing your wife before going to work, will be a final act?

Next morning you may spend in a different city or even country and with different people. And today’s coffee you will never be able to remember…”

That is so true!

“Causas y Azares”- Silivio Rodriguez

Cuando Pedro salió a su ventana

No sabía, mi amor, no sabía

Que la luz de esa clara mañana

Era luz de su último día…

When Pedro went out to his window

He didn’t know my love, he didn’t know

That the light of that clear morning

Was the light of his last day…

Our friend bzebza has provided us Galeano-length stories under the name Ilya Fostiy. They’re worth a look. They’re short enough to resonate in a world of blogs and soundbits. Most are no longer than this blog entry.

The blogger also is collecting fence pictures. I might walk down the street and take some pictures of Asbury Park, or the fences along the beach, ruined by Hurricane Sandy.

In any case, this blog is definitely worth checking out. Alexi, my friend, thanks for a new look at Russia, and some deep, interesting stories.

Don’t let the comets hit ye!


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