I’m not an art critic.


I have done art, and even cut stencils, but this takes the art to new heights.

Look at the way the details, every hair, every architectural minutiae was cut.


What I love about this artist  his painting of urban scenes, locations where you might often find graffitti, or stencil art.

Sort of like a painting of a canvas.


¿I mean, how incredible is this


To the artist:

Ray, I saw you video. As fascinating as the process is, the stencil you crumpled to discard created such a striking sculpture that I found myself coveting it.

I think after Hurricane Sandy, we may all be more sensitive to those crumbled images, all that careful knife work that has been discarded.

I would love to see that crumpled paper alongside the image, or framing the image, or somehow incorporated into the image.


It made me hungry for the scraps.

Also Ray, I used your images, and linked to them. I’m assuming that’s OK. Hope you don’t mind.

Thank you for making the blogosphere your museum.

Please let me see more of your scraps.



2 thoughts on “Hungry for the scraps.

  1. Thank you!!! I am honored you would write about my work. The crumpled scraps are discarded, unfortunately, in order to maintain a uniqueness to each of my pieces. Each stencil takes between 8 and 16 hours to create and I throw them out, never to be made again.

    • I wish there was something you could do- like dip them in acrylic or something to make them into sculpture, while rendering them unusable. That one on your youtube video is so beautiful, both the “negative” and the positive.

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