Such good people out there, so many wonderful people reaching out.

I have discovered two branches today, one from art and the other from religion.


The nexus, I think is the Islamic art post.

In any case, I love the mission of Two Rivers church!

I believe that there is no such thing as a weed, either botanically, or in terms of human beings. God doesn’t make mistakes.

There was this dude I heard of who used to do almost exactly what Two Rivers intends to do with its ministry.

See, the mission of Two Rivers to help those those that no self-respecting people would be caught dead with.

They’re ministering to

the modern leper,

the disenfranchised

those who feel unwanted,

those who know they are not without sin, and get more than their share of rocks thrown at them.

Their mission is just like that other dude’s. …

…What was his name again?

Oh yeah.


3 thoughts on “Where Two Rivers meet ~ or whatsoever you do.

  1. Thank you for the review. And yes, our mission is be like Jesus and the best way we can accomplish that is by loving everybody, especially the ones who need His love the most. Blessings.

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