Dear 4 THe Luv,

My buddy, it’s 12:43 in the AM, and it’s been a busy day. All of a sudden, I had all these places to visit. My University just appointed a new president, I had domestic stuff to contend with, I’m still cooking for various people in my household, and I have been witness to the third most amazing thing God has done for my beloved Argentina.

Here’s the first:

Here’s the second:

Here’s the third

So why am I still up? It’s nearly 1 AM!

I can’t go to bed without singing the praises of this blog. You get the idea you could really be friends with someone? I’ve felt that a couple of times as I’ve done this blogging. And this 4thaluv contains the kind of prose that I find natural. He writes in my very native language, and doesn’t take the easy spin on things. The blogs are very well thought out.

I want to focus on one.

dan writes about breaking the writer’s block by writing about the writer’s block in the second person. I think that’s excellent advice. One of my favorite singers, Silvio Rodriguez, wrote his most famous song, Unicornio Azul, about a writer’s block. He imagined that his creativity was his blue unicorn that had disappeared, and he was begging anyone to give him information that would allow him to get it back. Once you know that this is what the song is about, you can see the genius in creating creativity out of a perception of a 4thalogjamb of the creative process.

Dan includes a series of “best things ever”. I love that he includes good storytelling, Best Thing Ever #5. Also in his typical counter-intuitive, but truly thoughtful style, he includes Overthinking (Best Thing Ever #8) his reason?

“While it may be true that there is a certain beauty in simplicity; I am overjoyed that Mark Twain over-thought his books, that Albert Einstein over-thought his physics, and that Michelangelo over-thought his painting.”

I am now an enthusiastic follower, 4thaluv?

YOU are best thing ever #13!!


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