In my incarnation as author of Mask of the Warrior, the YA book I wrote that may never see the light of day, sadly, sadly, and the reason I’m going to Haiti, I wear an Expos jersey and hat.


I miss the Expos.

I miss the singing of Oh Canada at Shea Stadium, now that the Expos and Shea are no more.

Here are some quick facts about Canada that I know.

I did successfully publish what amounts to a “history book” on Canada. It deals with the Mi’kmaw tradition of storytelling.


It was written with Kenneth Little Hawk and Beverly Miller, and published by Findhorn Press. Little Hawk is Mi’kmaq/Mohawk.

The Mi’kmaq are a tribe that still live in Nova Scotia. Have lived there for 9000 years.

So, since the Mi’kmaq are Canadians here are some facts about Canadians, (or people from Canadia, as my friend Eddie puts it)

They were the first people to discover Europe.

They may have been visited by the Chinese fleet in the 1400’s.

They were the only people we know of, North of Mexico to develop a writing system, and complex mathematics.

They were the only Americans to taste cow milk before Columbus arrived and screwed everything up for all those other Canadians.

We don’t see nearly enough Canadian history, news, or anything, here, just an eight hour drive from Montreal, the place that makes the best well-done steak on earth. Bite Size Canada seeks to remedy that. Any Canadian, Yanqui, or Expos fan should really check it out.



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