I use the blogosphere to teach Business Spanish. I want the class to grow organically, to envelop the world, to provide a classroom for my students long after they have left the university.


In another place named MU, is it “Melbourne University?” Mine is “Monmouth University”, I have discovered a place to learn that I can carry on my laptop. The images are spectacular, the site has useful information and is easy to follow. The passions, the love of buildings and the drive to preserve, both images and architecture, is truly worth a visit. Like my ambition for my students, this practitioner of photography (teachers are students are teacher) has created an expanding universe of vision based on her photographic fine art.

I now declare and for the record, that if I’m ever in Melbourne, I’d take Leanne’s photographic tour. In the meantime, I will have to content myself with her virtual photographic tour.

Here’s a challenge: Go to the website and find the rock and tide landscapes. Look at them for a while. Can you taste the salt? Can you hear the photograph? Maybe I’m sleep-addled, but I can!!


2 thoughts on “Photo University

  1. If you are sleep deprived, then you are in the right place for those rock and tide landscapes, that is how they were taken. I was so tired, getting up that early is hard.
    Thank you, what an honour.

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