So what do I mean?

What is this?


It is a universe. It is the thousands of facets of an unwrapped sandwich, or what’s left of a knight that tried to cross The Parkway during rush hour, or the surface of a lifeless asteroid. It is as little or as much as my imagination allows it to be.

But it is also simply pleasing to the eye.

Erica, this is the one I like best. I also love the way you let us know about the blow-by-blow everyday life in Holland.

Erica counts how often she handles her groceries. Here, Erika we have a wand so we scan our groceries, put them straight into the bag and pay the price on the scanner. At home, we put them away, and take them out to cook. Well, we also put them in the car. Four touchings instead of your seven. But in the spring, I dig for wild food in the yard. One wonderful touch, a word of thanks, and then to eat!

Your photos….

ericaI must say I also love this one. I think it is the last thing a gnat sees before he drowns in the jello. Or it is the mountains on Mars. In the distance, an alien cloud races in the sky over a dream mountainscape. What creature lives on that mountain to the right?

Erica, not only are you wonderful on your blog, you are gorgeous on wood!


One thought on ““Seeing us” the art of life is the job of the photographer.

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