OK. I’ll admit it. I love cartoons, especially the kind that make me laugh.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find cartoons that are both religiously respectful and funny.Capturejs

Don’t get me wrong. I’m pretty darn irreverent. I believe God has given us “comedic license” and it’s OK to make fun of stuff. People are way too sensitive.

But the Wednesday cartoons on this blog are actually funny without being offensive, which is more than my poor talents in humor will grant.

Yes, other things happen on this blog. Every day something different.

But you can bet I’m coming back every Wednesday.  There’s other great stuff on the blog. Inspirational posters, words of wisdom. Rev. John Lilley, youth pastor? I’d say that you are definitely the youth pastor to the Word Press community.

Would I show this blog to my non-Christian 15 year old son?
Yees! I’d start with the funny stuff, but I think he’d appreciate the inspiration as well.

It’s a wonderful balance.

See you next Wednesday!


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