What is it like to read the blog of a cancer survivor? Page frantically through the endless branchings of her thoughts. Look for the most recent date. March 5.


Thank God she’s alive.


What is it like to read a blog entry about an anorexic?

You look at the pictures of Valeria.

She looks so old.


You read the uplifting words of the cancer survivor on her 65th birthday.

She seems so young.

I was “liked” by the latter and “followed” by the former, one right after the other in my e-mail. Oneanna65 began her blog with a recipe for “cancer killing soup”. Meanwhile, Valeria The other was the subject of a blog, a cautionary tale about a woman fighting to recover from an eating disorder, so that she could someday have a baby.

Both blogs seem to say, “You are what you eat.”
In a few seconds, I am lifted up, and brought down.

Reading the blog of oneanna65, that positive angel of a cancer survivor,
I came across her poem:

My heart
so many times
on so many pieces
it was impossible
to find them
so instead
waisting time
trying to find
and put it back
in one
I go on
and now
there are
so many pieces
of my heart
blown by the wind
all over the world
I don’t mind
I have
one little piece
of my heart
left for myself

And it made me smile again. If I could, I would send Valeria oneanna’s poem, and let her know:

Valeria, you are not nothing.


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