“Imagine finding your soul mate, when you are at the final stage of life. You refuse to be nasty or bitter, instead you are happy to finally see her,  the woman who should have been your wife.”

I would say this is an epic poem/essay/news report/potential lyric/history lesson/story/confessional


Without an edit, I see both a strong storyline, and unintentional poetry in the misspelling:

life only gives you as much as you can bare.

I love this. It is the whole raison d’etre of Word Press.

I change the blurb on banner of my blog.

Thank you, Kendall.

Maybe it isn’t unintentional after all.

I am an impatient reader, but somehow, the writing, though long for a blog- I can’t tear my eyes away. I read through to the end.

I can’t imagine that the writer can say any more.

The break is in a good spot.

But I think because the whole style, from paragraph to paragraph promises to be continued.

You have stoked the fires of my imagination, Kendall!

Shame on you!

Now I will have to do a compilation of all that I have learned in this week on the Internet, put together the stories to form a piece of –

Of what?

Literature? Art? Life?

You write about a school of Blue Bloods, unable to break through the glass ceiling. You write about falling and soaring.

You also blog about blogs!





4 thoughts on “Nourished by Everything Under the Sun

      • This is the gift of being writers in common. You’ve invented a genre I want to explore and write in. After I come back from Haiti, I’m going to experiment in this style. The writer doesn’t write the story. The story writes us.

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