OK, all I know about fashion I learned by watching Project Runway.

When the kids were little, we used to play it with their Barbies, giving them challenges like “Design a suit of armor for Barbie from all natural materials in the backyard.”


In fact, I was horrified when my daughter got her first Barbie, so I learned to use a sewing machine to make Barbie a nun habit.

I wanted Barbie to have opportunities for alternate careers.

In any case, from Project Runway, I learned the words “Coiture”. I still think Tim Gunn would be the world’s most awesome uncle, and the most engaging dinner guest.

Other than that, I can’t even pretend to know anything about fashion. Anita and Ariana have a dream, and it’s wonderful to share a dream with a best friend. They blog about fashion. Check them out if you like fashion.

The knitting blog is really cool. I remember watching both my grandmothers, their hands were so fast, and they turned out sweaters, gloves, hats and such while watching soap operas. Even though neither spoke English as a native language, and had completely different national, economic, and educational origins, they both did exactly the same thing, and got along very sweetly.


This blog shows the works as they progress. 

Check it out.

I can almost taste the bundt cake and coffee.



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