I decided to save  this particular blog for last.

I did this, because I believe in it.

This isn’t saying that I won’t blog again, I will. But my journeys through your blogs are getting more packed together as more and more people are following and liking. If I said a rosary for each of them, I’d be up 24/7. writing about each takes about half as much time.

So I have decided to create a blog inspired by all your blogs, and to do it in a new way. This is what I’ve learned from the week;

1) I love making games, and I love the process of games, and I am interested in games as literature.  I had forgotten this until I met Scribelife. By the way, something about the feel of this blog draws me to these people. They feel like friends.



2) I think the key to these games should be numbers. like Humanity777.


3) The blog should include a meditative quality, like Perpetua’s.


4) It should sell something of quality, like Scribelife.

5) It should include a photo cartoon, comedy and a hip plotline like Electrikkiss.


6) It should have thoughtful political content that inspires discussion like dustin mcmahon.


7) It should include what I love, which is nature and primitive survival, like Explore Dream Discover Talks.


8) Just After Words teaches me an important lesson: No matter the hell you have to go through, never never give up on your dream of being a writer. If you have a poet’s soul, bare it!


9) Recognize and post beauty every now and again, like Photo botos.


10) Along with the photos, include music, like What Tomorrow Might Bring.



11) Spend a day each week marketing, getting closer to my bucket list goals, according to Leslie Carter’s rules.


12) Add beauty, classic poetry and cartoons. Resurrect poems and wisdom. Be invited, as a result, to do real scholarship.


13) Put it all together to artfully bare your soul, like Kendall Person



17 thoughts on “What a week!

    • Thanks so much! Your story and writing are so inspiring. I’m coming up on the fourth anniversary of the suicide of remarkable young man, age 19, who I worked with when I was a mentor for juvenile justice. I wish he could have seen a blog like yours, a promise of redemption in poetry and prose that reminds us that life is a gift.

  1. Reblogged this on Dustin McMahon and commented:
    At first glance, it may seem like I am only reblogging this post because there is a mention of my blog. However, it is a very thoughtful blog post and well worth the read and visit to each of the sites mentioned.
    Thank you to fciprian2013 for the mention!

    • Thanks Dustin. I can’t read many blogs, because I read the whole of them. If they engage me, I can’t get enough. I write for a newspaper in Bangladesh, bdnews24.com, and it’s mostly political commentary I write, so as a professional commentator, I can say that you’re definitely on the right track.

  2. Thank you for including me in this! I always get so excited when I come across great blog lists like these! I will be burying my face in my screen the rest of this weekend for sure.

    • oh sorry. I know how that is. I loved your blog but it also reminded me how loooong ago my 20’s were. When I come back, I hope you notice how your style has influenced me.

  3. Such a great list you have going there. And thanks picking my site as part of it. You could be our future judge to present an award. Blogging is a full time job. How can you do it when you are already a writer in Bangladesh. Stay away from the “voodoos’ in Haiti or bring your rosary to ward of evil spirits. Enjoy.

    • It’s really just insomnia. It’s a fulltime job indeed. Funny you mention rosaries. I’ll be blogging on that soon. I actually didn’t stay away from Voodoo while I was there. I think it gets a bad rap. It reminded me of Native American spiritualism.

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