You know what? Cristian and I have something in common. We both participated in NaNoWriMo, and in fact, the book I wrote as a result is one of the reasons I’m really excited to go to Haiti.



Cristian needs a new computer and he hopes that the sale of his prose will help them accomplish his goal.


He says he’s writing like never before. The blogger reminds us that we have to sell our heart if we want to succeed as artists.

It makes sense. The “heart” part gives us our authenticity. The “sell” part not only makes us professionals, but it forces us into quantitative analysis of the musings of our soul.

We tend to look down on the monetization of art, we who cannot make any money.

Something in us screams when The Shades of Gray Series can make the author millions, while our Magnum Opus is rejected by 25 publishing companies.

What should we do about it? We should support each other.

And if we do not have the cash to support each other, we should spread the word about each other until someone who has the cash points and clicks.

Someone out there there!!!!

Help our artist friend continue to write on a brand-new computer, and buy what his heart has already revealed.


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