This beautiful singer, and I mean that she is beautiful of voice and of face, Tara Linda has created a contest. She’s posted pictures of the Orion Nebula on her blog. Her Art of Science post encourages people to explore the beauty of the Nebula as expressed in a photo she posted:

“Calling ALL:

artists, photographers, jewelers, writers, poets, musicians, designers….

to Make Something, Anything- inspired by this shot of

Orion’s magnificent nebula!”

Orion Nebula-hs-2006-01-q-large_webSo I figured, “Why not use my numerology to generate a poem about the nebula?

It’s a great combination of art and science.

Orion’s Nebula

owrayInz nEbyulƏ=

16566254 NOT 3 35, 8,48     5426365 NOT 1 31, 4, 16

Unity, believers, inventors! The sky is deep, both composed and hunted.

It sheds

our differences.

Creators hunt, our eyes believe, generations of science and art


for communion.


By the way, check out her music . It is jazzy and reminiscent of Swing. Her voice is ideal for the genre.


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