While I was in Haiti,IMG_2085 I took some time to think about numerology is presented in humanity 777s blog.

Very often, cultures would use letters to represent certain numbers, creating a numerological metaphor for names, places for the seemingly random occurrence of any number.

English is not phonetic language. I mean, often what you say and what you spell are two very different things. For this reason, we linguists have a separate phonetic alphabet.

So if I were to create a special code to decipher the numerical meaning of English words, I might do so in a way that would incorporate pronunciation rather than spelling. I would also base my system on sixes rather than tens, since the degrees in a circle, time, and the year itself is more accurately divided into sixes than into tens.

If you have the time and wherewithal, try to determine what your name means, and by all means, post it here!

How I derived the actual numbers and their meanings I can explain in terms of the tribal language I speak:

1-6 are expressed in the positive (numbers present) and in the negative (numbers missing)

The remaining 54 numbers are only expressed in the positive, because they’re actually all derived from the first six numbers, and because the number of numbers 23 for instance, isn’t, is infinity.

In base ten In base six meaning
1 1

unity, of the sky, the one, the verb to be.

The absence of the number one implies disunity, that which lies beneath the surface, the verb to lack, to want, to aspire to.

2 2

vision, eyes, depth, beauty. The verb associated with the number two is to see, to show.

The lack of the number two means a guess, a shot from the hip, implies risking, carelessness, and the verb associated with the absence of the number two is wait, sleep, or spend time

3 3

family, birthright, children and the verb is to beget

The lack of the number three implies working for self, individualism, and loneliness. The associated verb is to depart, to shed, or to leave.

4 4

Number four is associated with animals, others, and the verb can be to hunt, to track, to follow, to commune.

The lack of the number four is associated with trees, walls, clay, and barriers. The verb is to burn, to forge, feign, or to bake.

5 5

Number five, being the number of fingers, is associated with deeds, creation, and invention. The verb is to create.

Lack of the number five means incompetence, clumsiness, even destruction. The associated verb is to drop, to injure, to make a mistake.

6 10 God, wisdom, knowledge, thought, believer, idea, philosophy, verb believes

The lack of the number six associated with literal interpretation, superficiality, inexperience, and childishness. The verb is to insist.

7 11 opposites
8 12 Shared goals, a team.
9 13 A people, a tribe
10 14 Rogue, rebel
11 15 Shared task, a wonder
12 20 Vision quests, direction
13 21 Spectacle, art
14 22 Seeing the other
15 23 familiarity
16 24 Hunter or prey, communion and sacrifice
17 25 Touch, feel, making your way in the dark
18 30 Sense of belonging
19 31 Ancestors, burial ground, holy place
20 32 Doing what’s right six generations forward, descendants
21 33 Uniting of families, love
22 34 Protection, “Mama bear”, saving, rescuing
23 35 Providing, working for
24 40 Spirit animal, “lamb”, scapegoat
25 41 friendship
26 42 A different point of view, walk a mile in someone else’s shoes
27 43 All related
28 44 Do not disturb, observe.
29 45 Wasting nothing
30 50 Good works, great works
31 51 fate, what is meant to be
32 52 Start a fire, revolution
33 53 Nesting
34 54 “Do unto others”
35 55 Cooperation, dependable
36 100 Godly universe, universal
37 101 Spirituality, good people
38 102 Seeing All as a gift
39 103 Seeing all as related
40 104 Seeing God in others
41 105 Letting others do good for you
42 110 God’s hand triumphs over adversity and evil
43 111 disunity
44 112 Blindness, using other senses
45 113 Alternative families, adoption
46 114 The self
47 115 meditation
48 120 Tacit support, Quiet togetherness, standing behind someone.
49 121 Religion, party affiliation
50 122 arts
51 123 Extended family
52 124 On common ground
53 125 barnraising
54 130 Earth mother
55 131 humanity
56 132 communication
57 133 Village, community
58 134 Herds, migration
59 135 History, continuity
60 140 The courage to be who you are
p t (all forms of “t”) Ø (brea TH) k i(as in mE) O (bOat) 1
b d ð (brea THE) g I(as in bIt) Ɔ (as in bOUght 2
f s sh sound ng e(as in sAY) u(as in jUice) 3
v z ch sound ny E(as in bEt) U (as in hUt) 4
m n ge(in garaGE) or j (in June) r æ (as in hAt) Ə (as in justIce) 5
w h y l a (as in fAther) ļ, ŗ (where r and l make syllables like “bottle” or the the r in “history” 6

So now, you have to write everything out phonetically.you mean

For instance, if Humanity 777 wanted to understand the word “Christ”

Christ= Krayst (with the accent on the A, so krAyst)

krayst=156631 (accent on the six)

So the first part of the meaning is “Unity, creation God’s wisdom begets the one”.

What does it lack?

2 and 4 = “wait (at) the tree”

Now, we add the numbers:

22 and we look up the base six meaning of 22 from column one: “saving”

and finally, we multiply 22 by accented vowel, six.

We come up with a number not on our column one chart, 132

so we have to add the two digits of 22, and then multiply by the vowel, six.

2+2=4 4*6=24

The final number is 24.

“The Lamb” (or the scapegoat)

So Christ’s numerical meaning, in English, a language that no one had ever heard back then, means,

Unity, creation God’s wisdom begets the one. Wait (at) the tree, saving. The lamb.

Hey, pretty cool, thinks I.

Of course, I want to know what my name means.

Frank= fræ(ng)k… the ng means that I pronounce the “n” at the back of my mouth, not with the tip of my tongue.



Family deeds create family (or a birthright of) unity.

What does it lack?


Spending time in feigned incompetence.

Woah! That’s me!

Then I add the score

17= Making your way in the darkness,

Now 17 times stressed vowel 5= 85.

85 is too high. So I add the digits.


8 times 5 is 40.

Seeing God in others.

Yep. Like you all.

So “Frank” means “Family deeds create a birthright of unity. Don’t waste time in feigned incompentence. Making your way in the darkness, you see God in others.

Ok, so it works for good guys. But what about the bad guys?

Let’s try Satan or Lucifer, or Adolph Hitler…



family begets unity, beauty created.

No 4 or 6.

burning insistence,

then we add up the numbers:


Seeing the other,

and now multiply by the stressed vowel e(3)


God’s hand triumphs over adversity and evil.

Hey! That works too!

What about Luicfer?

lusIfŗ =63326=God’s family birthright shows knowledge.

That’s pretty much what Lucifer means anyway, carrier of light.

But it’s very much the serpent’s job in the garden.

What’s missing? 145

Lacking communion, (he) injures.

Then we add it all up, 20 times 3= 60

(He has) the courage to be who he is.

Well, it’s kind of true, isn’t it?

Lucifer= God’s family birthright shows knowledge. Lacking communion, (he) injures. (He has) the courage to be who he is.

OK, so far so good. Let’s try Hitler:

edƆlf=32263 (lacking 145)

family vision shows philosophy (of) birthright. **This is one interpretation**

Disunity forges destruction.


Tacit support (well, of the Germans, maybe?)

It’s maybe OK.


hIt(special form of “t”, but still “t”) lŗ

62166 (lacks 3,4,5)

Gods sees unity. Believes philosophy…

But also… “Philosophy sees unity and believes it’s God.”

lacking 3,4,5= Lonlieness forges destruction.

Then we add 6+2+1+2+2=21 multiplied by accented vowel, (2)=42

God’s hand triumphs over adversity and evil”.

Woah. Just like Satan.

So I tried Buddha,

budƏ 2425 NOT 136

2425=vision followed, beauty created.

136= aspires to shed superficiality


=52 on common ground.

And finally the Montreal Expos.

Man(ch)riƆl Ekspowz

56545126 NOT 3

Deeds, God Created, follow deeds unity-envisioned. (Then), wisdom !


34*2=68, off the chart, so we add 3 and 4 and multiply by 2…


Seeing the other”

That’s Montreal: A Deed God created, followed by deeds unity envisioned. Then, wisdom!

A shedding.

Seeing the other.


Ekspowz=4131164 NOT 2,5 Total=20*4=80 so 2+0=2*4=8

Hunting the sky, they begat unity. One believer followed.

Spent time making mistakes.

A team.

And a numerological poem about William Blake (Commemorating GE Gallas’s 2,000th visitor)

Fluffernutter Oval


26361=NOT 45 18*3=54


626655=NOT 134, 30*2=60

God, beauty, wisdom, knowledge creates art.

That which lies beneath the surface, lonlieness, destroys.

vision of God’s children believing in the One.

Walls drop…

…Earth Mother.

Well, maybe the Expos had more than one believer behind them, but other than that, pretty durn accurate, huh? What does your name tell you about yourself? Can you figure it out? Maybe if you message your name, I can help you figure out the numerology of your own name, or drop me a line if you figure it out by yourself!



5 thoughts on “What is the numerology of your name?

  1. Wow, very interesting — although I need to read this over a few more times to fully grasp everything. Thanks for the mention, featuring Fluffernutter, and for the poem!! 😀 Really cool stuff! Best, G. E.

  2. Okay, I did not quite understand 777 post even it leaves footprints in my site and I cannot respond that I like its post because I am totally clueless what the numbers are all about. Now you gave us an idea how to use numbers and meaning to our name.

    What makes me think is since we use Text in naming names and not numbers, how can we be sure we are using the BEST name and live up to our standards?

    seeker is a name that resonates to me now I am kind off hesitant to find out should there is a negative number in the meaning of this name. Yikes. Heaven forbid.

    Good one, Frank. Now off to the drawing board and play this game.

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