You have all taken so much time to create your blogs, I can’t do them all justice!
I have created a copy of the Louvre to store your works of art.

Some I’ve blogged, some I haven’t. Some I might have overlooked. If I did, please let me know.

The images will be clickable. Click on the large images to go to the sites, the smaller images will lead to my blog, If I’ve done one. If I haven’t, please forgive me, I just have been swamped. It’s not a reflection of your art.

I already noticed, that I need to include http://taralinda.wordpress.com, http://poet4justicedotwordpressdotcom.wordpress.com/, and http://rnwdgaf.wordpress.com/http://yunichar.wordpress.com/

The Shutterbug The Shutterbug Erika's dreamscapes Erica's encaustic art. Dreamscapes wonderful photos and methods leanne cole photography. Amazing! wonderful work with a knife. Urban Wallart Blake would have been proud. photos. Check them out! Photobotos wonderful scholarship as cartoon brilliant. Photography, Poetry and Visual Art. her poetry, photographs, and for me, especially her paintings are brilliant. A renaissance woman. A wonderful concept: Music plus graphic novel. The music is well thought out and goes with the story. Get into the habit! what I call take your time exploring the site. For me, it has an expressionistic feel, really provocative. you really need to navigate the whole site to get the big picture. Take a look with a discerning eye. Naviagate through the months. The artist has a definite flavor, but is often whimsical, abstract and profound. I love when art has a sense of humor Not just paintings, but also poems. This is a big undertaking. The people under the umbrella. My favorite painting. It seems that they're protected not just by the umbrella, but by each others' aura. All you can hear. Step in and listen. It costs zero. the sound room. What a great, deep site. There is writing here, but I think it's in Indonesian. The photography, for those of us kita yang tidak bisa berbahasa indonesia There's also poetry in English! bucolic scenes and bible inspired verse. full of poetry and images (Christian) Image Map

These will be on the next floor.
Next time, I’ll make the map bigger.

Our Story resumes Monday.



6 thoughts on “Take a break to visit my “Louvre”.

  1. I forgot to say thank you for my inclusion on this – I’ve been taking a bit of a break from the site recently but am getting back to it. So – Thanks!!

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