Oh Mighty God (Paraphrase) When I in awesome wonder

Discover all the worlds Thy hands have made….
It fills me with wanderlust.



I know I’m only recently returned from Haiti, but this website makes me want to get back on the road. The photographs are beautiful, and the travel stories are endless.


And while you’re traveling, you might want to consider the inner landscapes of watercolor and poetry.

The process of art, the will to be naked in the process, People publishing sketchbooks and lining them with ideas. I love the process, As a painter, it has so much to teach me. I am formulating ideas and searching for media. Watercolor is pretty darn unforgiving. The “mistakes” must be made in the sketchbook, so showing them to the world is the consumate act of bravery. I pretty much always destroy my sketches.

So travel to this location:



ee, “The worlds Thy hands have made” include “The world thy hands have made”


All contents of all worlds are of God’s making. Human creativity is part of the world. Humans creativity can create worlds. Therefore, humanly created worlds are of God’s making.


Is the logic correct? Not sure. Seems like it to me.


Speaking of the world, it calls. More later. Gotta got.



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