This is the place, the Lost Cafe. If it had its own special menu, It would consist of the many that cascade of blogs. Actually this is a cafe in Buenos Aires, where our bloggers.  Wonderful poetry, relaxation, enticement and recipes. I could use one of these smoothies right now! honeydew_smoothie

Check it out, for great and innovative recipes. Try these main courses. It’s a great site, well organized, so you can   cook seafood, desserts, drinks, whole meals.panini_sandwich.   kitchen.

Good food? Merely “good”?? This food makes you want to crack your screen open and dive in. Try the desserts: Tender yellow cake, A (reblogged) fondant with Nutella (one of my favorites) A breakfast risotto Chicken and dumpling pot pie.     oue_oqn_road

OK, this isn’t specifically a blog on food, and in fact, I can’t find a recipe, just a place where I’d love to be invited for dinner. The nicknames of the kids are so cool, Little Rebel, Little Mother, Earth Child, Monkey Do, Frog Hunter and Little Ladybug and what a happy set of homesteading homeschooling faming off the grid people these are!   Hey guys, I’m into wild edibles, anytime you ever need anything identified… Just ask.   all_things_Canada

Like the Great White North itself, this blog is beauty! It’s an expansive look at why “The US borders on the magnificent”.  It captures the bigness, the beauty, the outdoorishness of the place. Wonderful travel to Canada, and plenty of stuff to eat. I’m definitely having some bagged milk with my poutine, or maybe just a bottle of Molson.   lord_of_drinks And to wash everything down… Speaking about Molson, this is definitely the site for the serious drinker. Watch people actually inhale alcohol. This blog claims to be an alcohol friendly site. There’s a different between friendliness and intimacy. But in any case, the Katzenjammersuppe is a thoughtful recipe to cure a hangover.   Here’s an example of a quote from the blog: “You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.” American actor and singer Dean Martin   Everything wedding.cake   This is the ultimate site for the wedding planner or wedding hobbyist (Fran, I’m thinking about you, girlie! I especially like the cakes, so I’ll order one before I go. There’s also a “spirits” section. Check out the wedding stuff here, and maybe Have another cup of tea.

8 thoughts on “Over a cup of tea

  1. Frank, nice creative approach to writing about these blogs.

    P.S.: About O’Canada, did you mean why “Canada borders on the magnificent”?

    All the best, Brett

    • You’re too kind. I am so into homesteading, here in the suburban wilds of NJ. My neighbors hate me, but I believe in Providential Gathering. Just yesterday, I harvested a whole mess of Curled Dock, sauteed in Olive oil, and served with onion grass over brown rice. I got some good recipes for squirrel, too. Honestly. The Bible says, “what you reap you sow”, but it also tells us that the lillies of the field. They toil not nor do they spin. I spin plenty, much more when I was younger, because it makes me nauseous now, but I like the “toil not” part. I tell my kids that “weed” is the “N word” for plants, and that there is no such thing as a weed. Any case, the chickweed is up and ready for harvest, and the dandelion flowers are getting yummy.

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