So sometimes I wonder why I continue to blog.

Am I like the people of Whoville in Horton Hears a Who, shouting “We are here!” into a giant universe?

My purpose is to travel the blogosphere and find out where I land. On the way, I have stumbled upon some good advice, both about blogging, and about life. My journey has taken me around the world… and beyond.


Every so often, I stumble upon people telling me I can make money over the internet.

Honestly, I’m not really interested, but some of these blogs come attached to articles that are pretty interesting, so I include them.


Reaching Utopia is one such blog. It tells me not only how to make money from blogs, but how to control my hiccups. I mean, there’s a lot more there, about caffeine, tea, and insomnia, to name a few things.

Some blogs seek to improve your health. The blog I came across that talked about Therapeutic Hunger was very interesting. Lately, I’ve felt full and have been eating in spite my stomach screaming “Stop! Stop! For the love of everything sacred, I’m full already!!” all in the name of being sociable.


I’ve also been examining the blogs I’ve seen for visitors.






I’ve also stumbled across Strong Blogs, another entry from my favorite corner of the Blogosphere, Canada, which seems to produce better bloggers per capita than anywhere else (is that what they do in 13th grade?)

It advises on building social networks, technology and tons of interesting stuff.




Gonna try some of the advice here.


The more I travel this road of blogs, the more I think I’m coming to my own conclusions about what I have to do. I want to share that with you all once I come “home” in my blog, but in the meantime, all these blogs are helping me focus on what is important to me as a writer.

I’m here!




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