I just came across my old website. While much of it has disappeared, this is still here. I just thought I’d share it with you all.

Spanning the Globe-
The Olympics.

Wouldn’t you love to go to Torino?

The next best thing is the website.

The nice people forgot to add the captions, so we decided
to do our little part for the  Espirit Olympique.*

Without further delay, we present you,
the captions the website forgot to include.

*It’s french, I think.

The Ceremony on Mount Olympus:

Commentary- What’s with the funky torch? What’s with the outfits?
See the cool greek ladies with their cool conventional torch, standing on Mt. Olympus
(Greece= warm)  See said cool greek lady passing the torch to cold geek man, wearing winter garb,
and holding what appears to be a gigantic Water Pik®.


Next, the torch is carried by many. Through Italy. The country that invented fashion.
and yet….
Everyone is dressed like they’re turning 40 in Logan’s Run!!

Of course, jealousy reared its ugly head…

Along the way…

at least they didn’t make him wear that funky outfit

Sometimes, tragedy struck…

naughty flag!

But it’s all about millenia of tradition!


The Best Inane comments from the Torino Winter Olympics:

Best Olympic Commentary moment Thusfar: We’re tied!
#1. Dick: “There’s something in that water in Switzerland that allows you to spin well.”
My commentary: Yeah, Dick. It’s frozen.
Thanks to DF. for his commentary

#2. Peggy: “There’s a boyish quality about him. He’s a dreamer, a spinner. His nickname is the Little Prince and that refers to the French Children’s story.”

It still doesn’t top the “He loves to skate the role of the peasant” from a few years back, or the all-time best Olympic line: “Darnyi is the Babe Ruth of Hungarian Kyaking.”


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