I am on a journey.

Your journey.

I started with one post. When someone “liked” the post, I read their Word Press site. I actually liked it! So I blogged about their Word Press blog. When someone followed me, I read their blog. I liked their blog, and I wrote about their blog.  All along the way, I am commenting on the blogs of those who have liked and followed my writing, which is just blogs about everything that I like about YOUR writing.

My initial post on Hungarian food led me to an amateur photographer, a dog trainer and from there to South Africa, UK and Pakistan, and places beyond.

What I am discovering is that what unifies us, despite our diverse interests and geographic locations, is that everyone who’s found me and liked or followed me shares an aesthetic, some wonderful synchronous vision of the world.

If no new “likes’ or “followers” appear after three days, I will start again, blogging on something that fascinates me, instead of blogging on the blogs from you all. We’ll see how long I can keep going, fueled by your art, ideas, and sense of humor.

Godspeed, my friends.

Frank Domenico


26 thoughts on “About You (or me?)

    • Happy to meet you, and thanks for the edit! I can’t wait to read your blog, and blog about you blogging about blogs. I hope the new paragraph is more digestible. Thanks for the edit.

      • Ha! I didn’t mean to edit, sometimes I am just a blonde 🙂 It’s a pleasure to meet you too – I will try to find someone who blogs about other blogs to blog about, just to spice things up for you!

      • This is wonderful. I got some advice tonight about not being acquisitive in life or in the blogosphere. It’s only been since Saturday and my blog journey is already amazing. I’m going to Haiti for a week on Monday. I wonder where my blog will take me when I return. I feel like I’ve really met a fellow “virtual traveler” in you!

    • One of the other bloggers commented that if he blogged my blog, I’d have to do another post. It’s like two mirrors one in front of the other. My grandparents had that sort of set-up. I used to think that if my vision were good enough, I could see heaven, or infinity, or the future, or something.

  1. Thanks! So honored. I will need some time to do the whole nine yards. Wow. Less than a week in existence, and you’re giving me an award!
    May YOU go down in Canadian history!

    • Thanks! sorry for the delay in comment, I had another country to visit. Please poke your nose whenever you want, even though I haven’t quite figured out how to post smells yet.

  2. Now that is a cool idea Frank, and one I’ll be following. Let’s see where you end up. No, scratch that, it won’t end. There’s always something new to be fascinated by!



    • Thanks, Michael. It’s already led in more directions than I can keep up with. My goal for the first month was to keep up with those who visited, and visit them, and I’ve done that, but I just can’t keep up with all the blogs. It’s wonderful, and I’ve visited so many amazing places!

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