So I was thinking that if I got 1000 visits in my first month, I’d be pretty “Chocho”, like we say in Argentina. I will need 89 more views to reach that level by 4/12. It’s a reachable goal.

I’ve been everywhere. Your blogs have taken me all over the place, and now they’re taking me inside my own head.

More about that later.

Thanks for the journey, people.



It took me to Latvia, and all over the place.

I’m not back to Hungary yet….



It’s 11:30 and my final day of hardcore blogging is upon me.

I will continue to blog, of course, but tomorrow and Sunday I’m getting ready to go to Haiti

and to hang out with my kids.

So many likes and follows!
I have to start prioritizing.

Some I have postponed because I want a bigger audience to see the blog. These are the businesses.

So, what I’m going to do is blog on the followers first, until I clear them all,

Then blog on the likes.

Already I’ve discovered a new way to write, based upon these blogs.

I’m evolving an idea.

More later…

Holy heck. I haven’t been doing this a week, and it’s 1:19 AM and I still have ten blogs to visit.

This is getting harder.

I need a vacation.

Oh that’s right.

Haiti next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Got reblogged for the first time!!

Thanks, http://professionalswimmingpoolsblog.com/

You rock. Now you can read about them here or there. So, I left something as I travelled. That makes me feel awesome.

Well off to work!

Getting to know people through blogging about their blogs.

Going to Haiti in one week’s time.

I just added keywords, tags I suppose you call ’em, to my blog.

See how it goes.

Wow. Nine hours into this blog, and I got me my first follower.

Trainer Trish! You’re following me! You’re the first!
Check out the dog training blog, oh and a whole lot more.


Trainer Trish says,

“Dogs need to be taught how to live in our human world. It’s only fair, only right. We owe it to them to give them the tools to be successful and be able to have peacefulness in their lives with us.”

Amen, sister. But we humans should also be taught how to live a little more in the dog world. There’d be a heck of a lot more forgiveness, love and awkward social sniffing.

My sister also runs a dog training business. My dear friend is in dog rescue. Dogs simply make the world a better place.


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