Great Blog Quotes-

1.“The Pose begins when you want to leave it”


That’s such a profound idea, my head hurts thinking about it. It doesn’t just speak to the pose, but to all of life itself. The statement blew me away.

By the way, as a dad with a daughter travelling in India, her piece on the hazards of travelling there both frightened and reassured me at the same time. Life is a dangerous business, but we weren’t designed to live under a rock. Thanks, Andrea Leber, for providing such terrifying, yet life-affirming advice.

2.“Even though there was a human being sitting next to me with a gun, I was not wrestling with him, but the demons that accompanied him.”

A story of faith’s role in a carjacking, but an excellent way to deal with “bad” people.


3.” It was another opportunity – to follow the rhythm of their presence.”

I like this and I think I should do more of it. I may be quoting it out of context, but I think I can do better flowing into the rhythm of people’s presence. Sometimes I tend to dominate, to speak too much. By the way the blogger is an excellent storyteller, and nearly everything she writes she turns to fascinating by the way she weaves her words. She’s travelling the world, healing.Image

4.“I expect nothing, I am everything”

Skillcode’s poem stopped me right at the first line. I thought long and hard about it: I expect so much, so much out of life! Having expectations means, in a way, being unhappy because the expectations are yet to be fulfilled. If I expect nothing, it is because I am complete. I’ve been complete all along.


The amazing thing about this guy is that he’s so young. Rough experiences can be like sandpaper to the soul, they can smooth everything over, take off the jagged edges. In fact, Alex writes in English, which he acquired via the internet, and not only is he a fluent writer, he is also an excellent writer. Sometimes people are born with too much brain, and they do their damndest to slash and burn so that the conventional crops can be planted. It takes real wisdom, after the fire, to let the jungle re-grow.

Speaking about jungles…

5.**Warning** Subscribing to thelandy.com may cause a person to experience a strong desire to get off the couch and go outdoors. Subscribe at your own risk.


So why am I still sitting here blogging? Let’s just say that the airport food in Port au Prince didn’t agree with me. The food in Cap was wonderful, but I think I might have picked up a bug.


A bird’s eye view from the runway at Port-au-Prince. Beware the food!


or you might end up here… (view from the toilet bowl, looking down about 800 feet. Talk about taking a dump!!


 Eat these very, very yummy fishies instead.

So, I think I might take Scribelife’s advice, and take a walk- a very short walk- outside.


7 thoughts on “Ten great blogging quotes- Part One

  1. It would be wonderful to get into your head on how you pick on these people’s way of expressing themselves. You might just end up the a job as Reviewer of WordPress.

    • Wow. I didn’t even know such a job existed! That would be right up my alley. Basically, I started with the blog about Hungarian cooking. Then, I trusted that whoever liked my writing might have similar taste. I read the blog of everyone who liked, shared, reposted or followed. Some are so moving! In some way, they have all come to me, and I’m just enjoying all the wisdom. I’m only up to March 15 in terms of shares, and already I’m getting so much out of it!

  2. Hi Frank,
    Thanks so much for dropping into my blog and for highlighting that which resonated with you. I am humbled – and blessed – to be able to reach out & touch people around the world.
    Thank you also for introducing me to inspiring bloggers, so much to read and learn about, way too little time!!
    I love the idea of your blog, what a way to connect… 😉

    • You know, having suffered some small effects of my stopover in Port au Prince, this has also set me on a journey of healing. I had a small experience with Voodoo, and it struck me that like world culture and language, the danger of development is the loss of those beautiful faiths that allow us to really touch spirits and the earth herself. I plunged my hands into the soil today, only perhaps to remind myself that my fingers should be spending more time on the earth and less on the keyboard. May a special Lwa bless your pilgrimage!

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